Frank and Vanessa launched their studio on a whim, stemming from Frank's venture into virtual and augmented reality. Their debut project, "Catacombs: The Asper Case," marked the beginning of their journey, fueled by a passion for refining realism and immersion in 3D environments. As a two-person team, they specialize in 3D Modeling and Rendering, delving into genres like dark, gothic sci-fi, steampunk, and futuristic, all with a focus on achieving photorealism. Their storytelling extends from grounded narratives to the extraordinary, emphasizing collaboration with fellow creatives to produce a unique blend of styles in their projects.

François Meloche
3D Artist

I'm Frank, a freelance 3D artist specializing in Blender and Unreal Engine. I've got a thing for sci-fi and podcasts that send shivers down your spine. When I'm not sculpting virtual landscapes, you'll find me enjoying the simple pleasure of walking in the rain or getting lost in the world of trailer music. 

Vanessa Laframboise
3D Concept Designer

Hi, I'm Vanessa, a freelance 3D Concept Designer and Researcher. My creative inspiration draws from various sources, with a particular emphasis on capturing the atmosphere and mood in renders rather than intricacies of 3D modeling – that's where Frank excels. True crime and spine-tingling podcasts remain a fascination, alongside my love for nature, books, and music.